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OurHouse German Shepherds
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Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone we have met in the past couple of years since we got Baron and then Elle.
Of course the first big "Thank You" goes to Karen and Karey Fisher of ShadowValley Shepherds. They have become our very close friends over this time. Karen has been so patient with us, from the first time we met her, she has gone out of her way to answer all our questions and give us direction in raising Baron and Elle and helping with Barons "show career". She has always been so positive. They are such a wonderful couple who love their dogs and are such an asset to our breed. Deb and I admire them not only for their honesty and conscientiousness in their breeding program but also as friends and mentors! None of this would ever have been possible without your help. We were so fortunate to find you, and choose you for our breeder. We are now, and always will be,  indebted to you for sending us these 2 beautiful dogs who have taken over our lives. THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING OUR FRIENDS AND FOR ALLOWING US THE PRIVILEDGE OF RAISING AND LOVING YOUR BABIES
Also, we want to thank Kelly Rich. Who has worked with Baron since he was a very young puppy. She has been his exclusive handler and trainer in most all of his accomplishments in the show ring. We still laugh at the first time she ever handled him in a show. He was so unruly, whinning, howling and flopping all over the ring. But she could see potential and stuck with him. She has become a "second daughter" to us. We want to wish her the absolute very best and hope she will always be happy in whatever she decides to do in the future. We hope she will continue to handle Baron for us, as her time, and our schedule, will permit. THANK YOU KELLY FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!!
We also want to thank Chris Willis of Willimar Kennels (Kelly's mom) who has been a very good friend. She also has  been a mentor to us and we have learned so much from her. She is a very knowledgable GSD person who has helped us so much. And on top of all this she is a really wonderful, caring person. THANK YOU CHRIS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!
I also belong to an "online" GSD web-list, GSDhaven. The people on this list are the most knowledgable, caring and overall terrific bunch of people we have ever had the priveledge of knowing. I have learned so much from all of them. They have been there to answer our "dumb" questions that only "newbies" have. I have linked their websites on our "Links" page and would recommend that anyone reading this to go check out their sites. I do believe that it is the finest collection of awesome GSD's you will ever find. THANKS TO ALL THE "HAVEN" LISTERS FOR YOUR HELP AND PATIENCE WITH THE "NEWBIES"
And a special "THANK YOU" to everyone else whom we have met through the dogs. We believe that dog people are the finest group of people to be associated with.
It's been a real "roller coaster" ride so far. We hope to stay in this "showing" sport. But whatever the future brings the one constant will always be our love for our dogs. THANK YOU BARON AND ELLE FOR BEING THE DOGS THAT YOU ARE!!